Overall, network infrastructure management focuses on below aspects of networking:

  1. Server hardware: This includes physical servers that are used to run applications and store data.

  2. Storage solutions: This includes storage hardware and software that are used to store and manage data.

  3. Networking solutions: This includes design and implement wired/wireless network include hardware and software that are used to connect servers, storage devices, and other IT infrastructure components.

  4. Virtualization solutions: This includes software that enables multiple operating systems and applications to run on a single server.

  5. Data Center Services: This includes Datacenter design and build up according international standard customized by customer needs.

  6. Datacenter management software: This includes software that is used to monitor and manage IT infrastructure and datacenters, such as datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM) software.

  7. Disaster recovery and business continuity solutions: This includes hardware, software, and services that are used to protect IT infrastructure and datacenters from disasters and ensure that critical systems and data are available in the event of an outage.