Wise Group believes that IT becomes one of success criteria for all types of organizations.

Wise Group uses all international standards such as ITIL, COBIT ISO/IEC 27001 to help any organizations to success, reduce cost, Increase QoS and Redundancy , improve decision-making and enhance the visibility of TCO (total cost of ownership).

Wise Group consultation services include below services:

  • IT Department Strategy: creating a long-term plan that defines how IT will support the business
  • IT Systems Architecture: designing the plans and guidelines to build IT systems
  • IT Systems Implementation: overseeing the execution of the IT plan
  • Systems integration: connecting different parts of the IT system and ensuring they work together
  • Data analytics: capturing, processing, and analyzing data to help answer business questions
  • IT Systems Security: creating a strategy to prevent unauthorized access to hardware, networks, and data, and ensuring systems are compliant