• Manage unlimited Windows PCs within your company.
  • Provides billable technical support service for your clients.
  • Fully support Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and the latest Windows 11.


Your Company’s Data Is In Danger All The Time

The data of your company and IT technicians is in danger all the time, and is facing three main reasons that cause data loss in business environment, hardware or system failure (31%), human error (29%), viruses, malware or ransomware (29%), etc.

According to the 2019 global data survey, backup data immediately or suffer from:

Up to $11,600 per minute downtime average cost.
Average 16.2 days of downtime that caused by Ransomware attacks.

Do Everything to Safeguard Your Data

  • Easy Backup

    Backup Windows OS, hard drive (HDD/SSD), individual partition, files into an image file with simply a few mouse clicks. When updating PCs to the latest Windows 11, backup the old system should be in your must-do checklist.

  • Fast Restore

    Restore data from backup image rapidly to go back to previous state or factory settings with enterprise backup software. Restore on-demand, like restore system to dissimilar hardware computer and ensure secure boot, restore individual files

  • from system/disk/partition backup, restore with CMD, etc.
  • Safe Clone

    Migrate Windows OS to SSD on a new computer without reinstalling Windows and programs; Clone HDD to another one to transfer everything easily, including Windows system, installed programs, settings, personal files.

  • Smart Sync

    Sync your files and folders automatically with Real Time Sync to keep all data up to date, mirror sync files and folders to keep target be consistent with the source, two-way sync features keep the source and the target both identical from each other.